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what is polyhouse farming

Today we will tell how polyhouse farming or greenhouse farming is made, and how polyhouse farming is done. When you see fruits and vegetables in the market before the season, then for once you definitely ask their price. Despite being expensive, sometimes you have to buy them when needed.

what is polyhouse farming

what is polyhouse farming

Have you ever wondered how this happens, that is, how they are grown before the season. So they are grown, in polyhouse farming. Today we will tell how polyhouse or greenhouse is made, and how polyhouse farming is done.

So if vegetables are made for lunch or dinner, then we often ask, mother, has a vegetable become a vegetable today, we Indians do not like to eat without two or three vegetables.

polyhouse farming vegetables

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That’s why we have a lot of vegetables consumption here. Talking about production, according to the National Horticulture Database 2019 to 2030 of the National Horticulture Board, India produces about 100 million metric and about 192 million metric vegetables every year. A large part of it is also grown in polyhouse farming.

what are the benefits of polyhouse farming

Actually the cost of vegetables grown in polyhouse farming is high. Therefore, the interest of the farmers in polyhouse farming has increased due to the profit earned from it.

polyhouse farming profit

Talking about the benefits of polyhouse farming, how is polyhouse farming made, we will definitely come to this topic, but before that read its benefits, so that you can get to know the reason for the increasing trend of polyhouse farming.

polyhouse farming profit

● Temperature control is done inside poly house farming. Due to the controlled temperature inside, there is less damage to fruits and vegetables. Hence the chances of financial loss are reduced.

● In polyhouse farming, vegetables are grown throughout the year. You don’t have to wait for the weather to change. There is less chance of damage to the crop by insects or animals. And the quality of polyhouse farming crop is excellent. So the farmers live in peace.

● In polyhouse farming, the production capacity of plants increases by 5 to 10 times. Crops are not damaged due to excessive rain, dry hail fall. Therefore, the cost of the farmer is easily recovered. A polyhouse farming lasts for many years. Therefore, the farmer brothers and sisters do not have to bear the cost of getting it built every year.

whiteflower farm

whiteflower farm

● Floriculture is also done in polyhouse farming. Therefore, farmers are improving their lives by planting saplings in which there is a demand for expensive flowers in the market. Like marigold, rose, gerbera, the cultivation of flowers which are in all time demand gives good profits.

● In a polyhouse farming, temperature, moisture, humidity, light intensity, air ventilation, disease control, irrigation, fertilizer, almost everything is controlled environment. That is why such fruits and flowers and vegetables grow, which are not usually found in our country. Or grows only in some special environment.

● If you have knowledge about agriculture, then you will know about off-seasonal crop. That is, the crop that is available without season. They are grown in polyhouse farming. Those farmers who do not have polyhouse farming, they get plants to be planted in their fields from polyhouse farming itself. Meaning if you have polyhouse farming, then you can earn money by selling good quality ready plants to needy farmers.

● Along with polyhouse farming, if net house farming is made, then creeper crops like bitter gourd, tomato, cucumber, fruits and vegetables can be grown there. Because in net house farming, the vines get a chance to grow up to a height of 20 to 25 feet with the help of rope. And this increases the yield of each plant.

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how to start polyhouse farming 2023

Talking about the area and space required for polyhouse farming, then for making a polyhouse farming, it can be built in an area of ​​at least 400 to 5000 meters. By the way, you can get polyhouse farming done according to the available space with you. In the mountains where the land under cultivation is small as compared to the flat place, people also get polyhouse farming done according to the need.

how to start polyhouse farming 2023

For making a green house or poly house farming, the direction of the land you are selecting should be towards east and west. It is necessary to level the land before making poly house farming.

To make natural ventilated polyhouse farming, it is best to build a telescopic foundation in the ground. For laying the structure, pits of 400 mm in roundness and 600 mm in depth i.e. about 2 feet are dug.

In which GI pipes are inserted. The structure should be made strong, so that it can bear the wind or storm with a speed of 100 to 150 km. The height of any polyhouse farming is kept at 20 to 25 feet or more or less according to the need. Green house farming is never of rectangle or square shape.

Its roof is always aerodynamics shape, so that the flow of air is maintained easily from the slope.

Glams are used to strengthen the polyhouse farming structure. Polyhouse made of white colored nylon is used in polyhouse farming. So that the light can come in easily. The poly used on the roof is of 200 microns. Which can be white or yellow. While choosing poly, always remember that poly house farming should have the capability of ultraviolet load. Astra pipes are installed on the outside to support the basic structure of polyhouse farming. Which is called hockey.

For collecting rain water on the roof of polyhouse farming, drains made of aluminum can also be installed. And later the rain water can be used for irrigation. It is necessary to install shade net for shade inside poly house farming. Which should be such that it can be planted or removed, so that it can be used during lack of abundance of sunlight. can go Intake net is also installed, so that insects do not come inside, care has to be taken, the amount of carbon dioxide inside remains good, due to which the growth of plants is faster.

There should be such support inside poly house farming so that the creeper vegetables plants can be supported by tying rope or thread. so that it moves upwards. Finally, the gate is installed according to the need, which can be full push or slider. There should also be necessary arrangements for irrigation inside, so that there is no shortage of water for the plants. In many modern greenhouse or polyhouse farming, there is a provision for large fan automatic water supply, such as water sprinkling or flow, for air ventilation.

how much does it cost to build a polyhouse farming

The stronger and more modern the structure, the cost will increase accordingly. If polyhouse farming is made by making a basic structure from the boss, then it will cost 20 to 25000 or more. If you get modern polyhouse farming done from a professional company, then the cost can go up to lakhs.

organic vs inorganic

Everything will depend on the size, quality and facility. The frame of polyhouse farming lasts comfortably for about 15 to 30 years. And the poly which is there, its validity is up to two and a half years. It also depends on the quality, what kind of quality you have chosen.

Fertilizers used in polyhouse farming

Talking about the manure used in polyhouse farming, according to the need in polyhouse farming, pesticides, dung, or manure are used in other organic fertilizers. Because inside the poly house, there is protection from insect moths. Therefore, pesticides are rarely used.

The more organic the crop, the higher the demand, and also the profit. Try not to do traditional farming and grow something different, whose demand is high in big cities and international market. Many farmers also grow Ayurvedic plants and medicines. When the crop is good, many times big traders buy their products directly from the farmers. Therefore, the right price is also available, and the farmer’s work also gets value.

Many farmers provide nutritious elements to the plants through water only. For this, good water supply and supervision of biotech experts are required. So that if work is being done on a very large level, then labor, agriculture experts, technicians are needed. If there is a lack of information about poly house farming, then your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra Agriculture Department, or any private company can be contacted.

polyhouse farming training in india

It is also beneficial to connect with such farmers who are doing farming in polyhouse farming. If there is no such person around you, then you can travel to other city and state also. Help of rest of the internet can also be taken. So that the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) works to increase the information of people on ICAR Poly House. So they can be contacted.

Apart from this, polyhouse farming course is also conducted in Institute of Horticulture Technology Noida. You can also study polyhouse farming in University of Agricultural Science Bangalore. Apart from these, All India Organic Farmers Society, Govind Green House Pvt Ltd, can also help you.

polyhouse farming subsidy in india

Another advantage of the cultivation of polyhouse farming is that 50% of the total expenditure is received as subsidy by the government. Therefore the financial burden is reduced. On the website of National Horticulture Board, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India All the information about claiming subsidy is given. If you search on google, how to claim subsidy polyhouse farming, you will find many links, where you can see the details, and learn how to claim.

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polyhouse farming vegetables

If we talk about vegetables, then in polyhouse farming a farmer can grow cabbage, bitter gourd, capsicum, cauliflower, coriander, chilli, onion, spinach, tomato, and leafy vegetables comfortably. Talking about flowers, Indian farmers like to grow more Carnation, Gerbera, Marigold, Rose. Broccoli spragras. Your profits can be increased by growing Cherry Tomato Baby Corn.

Before making a poly house farming, how fertile is the soil of the land, and how many nutrients are present in it, you can get it tested.

How much profit will be made from the products derived from polyhouse farming, it depends on what you will be growing, how big is your polyhouse farming and how much is the cost on it. If the government subsidy is received, then the investment is relaxed to a great extent. But it is certain that your profit will be there.

Many progressive and big thinking farmers are earning profits up to hundred percent by learning polyhouse farming.

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