what herbs can you grow at home 2023


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what herbs can you grow at home

how to grow herbs at home easy, people’s interest in home planet gardening has increased a lot after coming up with concepts like your home or kitchen garden and rooftop garden. In big cities where people do not have much time to guard the tree planter. People who live in the balcony of their house, in the kitchen, on the terrace or in the flat in their apartment, where sunlight comes easily. People definitely plant some home plants there.

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Ever since Kovid-19 has spread across the world, people have started taking care of their immune system. And it is necessary to do so.

So, let me tell about some such medicinal and herbal plants, which you can easily grow even in spite of having less space available at your home. So let us know about this.

what is the history of the symbol or meaning of herbs?

First of all, let us know, medicinal plants and some important things about them, recently WHO had said in a report, that about 80% of the population of the world is dependent on herbal treatment. According to the WHO, there are about 10000 such plant species, more than 30% of the tree plants were used for medicinal purposes at one time or another.

In America, Europe or other developed countries, only 33% of the medicinal properties of plants are used. Its quantity in India is up to 80%. In 2014 to 2015, the number of medicinal plants in India was approximately 195000 million. And the medicinal plants of 1178 are many in India. And 167500 million tern herbals are used for domestic use every year. So the market for medicinal plants and herbals grown in India was $4.2 billion in 2019, which will be a billion-dollar by 2016 voting.

There are many benefits of setting up a medicinal plant for self use at home or for commercial supply.

what are the benefits of growing your own herbs

Vision- These plants have been given such qualities naturally, which is a boon for us. And they don’t have any side effects either. Medicinal plants for the herbs made from them are cheaper than pharmaceutical medicines. And their business can also be done with less investment. Almost everything related to the leaves and stems of medicinal medicinal plants is used. So there is less chance of them being useless. They can be grown in any season. And the way of eating is also easy.

Like coriander, mint, basil and aloe vera are easily used in food.

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how to grow herbs at home easy

Now let’s talk about some such herbal plants which can be easily grown at home.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the most easily grown plant among them. Aloe vera juice is called dhirth kumari in Hindi. It can be grown in pot. Or it can be grown anywhere. Like in the kitchen, in your room, in the balcony, or on the terrace, keep in mind that such a thing does not require much food fertilizer to come.

Aloe vera can be planted in any soil. The water given there for the first time starts drying up, only then the next time many plants can be made from the water of aloe vera plant. If one of your plants has grown well. And its leaf has arrived. After cutting a leaf and burying it in the soil, after a few days you will see that its roots have come out. Plant it separately somewhere, then that too will become a plant.

In this way you can grow many plants

how to plant herbs mint


Now let’s talk about the Hubble plant which is mint. How many times have you eaten mint for the whole day? Or you would have drunk mint syrup. But actually mint is also a herbal with medicinal properties. Which is famous all over the world. Due to which it is used to reduce stomach pain, and stomach. It is widely used in the cosmetic industry. And how can we forget that, to freshen our breath, many toothpaste brands focus on selling their products.


It is a little difficult to tell, but if the stem is removed from a mint plant and planted in the soil, then it becomes a plant easily. While removing the cutting, keep its length 4 to 5 inches. And going to the bottom, cut them out and remove them. Be careful not to damage the tree. Those who are planting green mint, if you prepare the soil by mixing manure and coconut powder with cow dung in normal, then mint will grow well.

Pudina ignores a lot, so just make a boundary on the ground to prevent it from spreading. It is necessary to have morning and evening sunlight in the pot. Within 15 to 20 days you will see that the potted plants have grown. By the way, you can easily sell mint in the local market, at the local rate as a festival.

And if you are cultivating it on a large scale, then its leaves can be dried and made into powder and sold with good packaging. By the way, a packet of 100 grams of mint powder on Amazon sells for more than ₹ 150. And how much profit can you make? And a lot of benefits for yourself too.

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what herbs grow well with basil


Now let’s talk further with the Purpose of Health, Tulsi or Basil In Hinduism, Tulsi is worshiped as a goddess. And you can see Tulsi in the courtyard of almost all Hindu families. It is also a medicinal plant and it is used a lot due to its medicinal properties.


When you want to get rid of your fatigue after returning from work, drink a cup of tea made from Tulsi, or if there is swelling somewhere in the body. So basil leaves are beneficial in that too. Digestion is reduced by chewing basil leaves on an empty stomach in the morning. It does not take much effort to grow basil. It grows easily in the normal soil of the house. And also survives in dry soil. It just needs such a place for its growth, where there is shadow, and sunlight also comes. Also, there should be a good drainage system, so that the water can drain easily.

when is basil in season

When the Tulsi plant grows, it has both flowers and seeds. When the seeds dry up, new plants can be grown from them. In this way, basil can be grown throughout the year. But the time period from June to November is the best.

Seeds can be removed from the plants and they can be planted immediately. For which soil can be prepared by mixing organic manure and sand at 60 to 40%. Cover them with another layer in the soil, and water can be kept in a bright place, but direct sunlight should not be read.

In 20 days 20 will go and in 45 days they will become so big that they can be planted one by one in separate pots. Oil made from Tulsi sells between 700 to ₹ 900 kg and ₹ 200 kg in the market.

If Tulsi is being grown on a large scale. So companies like Tata Tea Dabur and Himalaya also buy their crops directly from the farmers.

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what herbs to plant with rosemary


So we talked about Tulsi, now let’s talk about Rose Mary, if you guys only watch Boots channel, then you must have seen many such dishes being made in which Rosemary is used.


what are the benefits of rosemary herbs and seasonings?

Antioxidants are found in Rosemary. Those that vote for the immune system, reduce the inflammation in the body. and increase memory. By the way, it is used a lot in foreign countries. Together they are used in chemicals. Which also improves our alertness intelligence and focus.

what herbs to grow with rosemary

How to plant a rosemary plant, or already planted in your house. So cut its 5 to 6 inch long stick, remove the lower side leaves. And you can either transplant it in some other field, or you can keep it submerged in water. With both methods, its roots will come out in two to three weeks. From which a new plant will be formed.

If you are transplanting in the soil, then at least once a day, definitely add water to it. The amount of rosemary cultivation is increasing.

It is in great demand in the aroma industry and body care industry. Oil is used in the room in perfumes, soaps, and other beauty products. Rosemary leaves are sold in India for Rs 200 to 250 a kg.

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what herbs grow well with lavender


And now let’s talk about the medicinal plant of lavender, as its perfume medicinal plant, lavender is always in demand. Highly demanded in the perfume and aroma industry. Those searching on lavender believe that it has such herbal properties. Which benefits the human body a lot. For example, taking bath mixed with bath water reduces stress. People also mix it in the salary door laminate. It is also used as an eye Pad in the beauty industry.


The best variety of lavender in India is Spike Lavender, which grows easily. You can grow from this and smaller plants. Good soil is needed to grow. And a good amount of calcium carbonate in the soil is better for their growth.

Average temperature means that if there is more heat, nor too low temperature, then it is better. Sunlight comes for three to 4 hours a day, and once watering, first let the soil dry well. Then add water again.

If we talk about the cost of Lavender, then Dry Lavender Plus 15 So and Draw 11 Words sells up to ₹ 2000 kg. Apart from these, you can give your contribution in the industry by planting on plants like lemon grass. And you can earn good money too.

So how did you like this information, by writing it in the comment box, you will definitely tell.

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