how to grow basil indoors hydroponic


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how to grow basil indoors hydroponic

Hello friends, in today’s article I will tell how to grow hydroponic basil plant without soil in water only, easy way to grow it fast, and make it dense. In this article, I will tell you the details of growing plants in hydroponics water. So let’s get started.

how to grow hydroponic basil

How to Grow Hydroponic Basil: Step-by-Step

You must have known about the amazing medicinal properties of Basil. Apart from curing cold/cough or fever, basil leaf juice is also a wonderful immunity booster, and helps in better amenity and protection against viruses. But do you know that basil plant can also be grown in water? That too faster and denser than clay. The process of growing plants in water is called hydroponics. So let’s learn how to grow basil through hydroponics process.

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For this you need a plastic container, keep in mind that the container should not be transparent. You have to take a small plastic bucket. You have to cut a thermocol sheet round the size of the bucket. Now make a small hole in the middle of it. You can also grow basil from cuttings through hydroponic. But it takes a lot of time.

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That’s why you have to take, a plant of 2 to 3 tall basil. Remove it carefully along with the soil around the root ball. So that the delicate roots are not damaged.

Some steps planting your hydroponic Basil

Now put it in water, so that the soil is completely separated from the root, the soil has been separated from the root, now carefully cross it through the hole of the root. Fill the container with water. The level of the water is to be kept so that the roots remain submerged in the water.

Now you have to cover the plant with a transparent jar. This will create a greenhouse effect inside it and the plant will grow rapidly. To grow a plant in water, it is most important to keep changing the water from time to time. You will have to change its water every 3 days, otherwise the roots will start getting fungus, and the plant may get damaged.

Then in 10 days, you can see, this Tulsi plant has grown rapidly and has become double in size. And the root is also growing very well in this.

what hydroponic system works best for basil

Now I am going to tell you, how to make basil plant dense. Whether in soil, or in water. Cut the leaf above the basil, by doing this, side branches will start coming out from below, and the plant will gradually become dense.

how to grow basil

Friends, no plant can grow without nutrition. Plants need micronutrients to grow. Various types of liquid soluble fertilizers are available in the market for hydroponics. And they are all chemical fertilizers. And I do not use chemical fertilizers in gardening.

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So I mix 50ml organic liquid fertilizer in water, which is home made, we have to add 50 ml fertilizer once in every 10 days. And let it remain in water for 3 days. After that the water has to be changed.

I will tell you in the end how to make liquid fertilizer for fast growth in all types of plants. By planting a small basil plant in hydroponics, in just 18 days, you will see that due to cutting the leaf from the top, a lot of new site branches have come out from around. Due to which our plant has become dense. And its roots are also growing rapidly under water. According to the growth of the plant, the quantity of liquid fertilizer should also be increased. Now put 100ml liquid fertilizer in it.

Friends, now you can see after 40 days, that our Tulsi plant has become very dense and green, and you will see its long long root, how fast it is growing. If this plant had been planted in the soil, it would have been half the size from now.

Liquid Hydro Systems

So what is it in hydroponics, that plant grows twice as fast. In fact, roots in hydroponics take complete nutrition directly from water, and grow rapidly. The more you grow, the faster the growth above also happens. And once again, break the leaf above it, now more new branches will start coming out of it.

how to make liquid fertilizer

And friends, now I will tell you 2 ways to make liquid fertilizer at home.

In the first method, you will learn how to make compost tea, add two handfuls of well-rotted manure or vermicompost in 1 liter of water and leave it for 1 week.

what is vermi compost

You can make compost from kitchen waste. With this, you will get a lot of organic manure for free. And as the waste decomposes, the liquid fertilizer also keeps accumulating at the bottom of the compost bin. After 1 week, compost tea will be ready. Filter it and use it as a wrapped fertilizer.

Now in the second method, we will make fertilizer from banana peel, put 5-6 banana peels in 5 liters of water, and keep the container closed for 10 days in the shade. It contains a lot of potassium, which is very important for the growth of the plant.

After 10 days Banana Peel Liquid Fertilizer is ready. You can put both these liquid fertilizers only in hydroponics and also in the plant in the soil.

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