economic benefits of organic agriculture


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economic benefits of organic agriculture– You belong from a remote village. Then you must have lived agriculture very close to what is agriculture.

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On the other hand, if you are from any town, then you must have felt agriculture. There are different types of dishes in your plate, nor are there different types of vegetables, all of them are due to agriculture.


organic vs inorganic

There is another one related to agriculture, which is called inorganic agriculture. Which teaches us agriculture without harming nature, humans and animals.

Just to satisfy your curiosity related to organic agriculture, we have brought it in full detail for you. So let’s start and try to know what is organic agriculture.

So before knowing what is organic agriculture, let us know what is inorganic agriculture.

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difference between organic and inorganic

In organic agriculture, farmers use more chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the greed of higher yields. Due to which the quantity of yield increases, but the quality of the crop is reduced by these organic agriculture. The fertility of the soil gets depleted and these organic agriculture also have a bad effect on our ecosystem.

inorganic chemistry vs organic chemistry

inorganic chemistry vs organic chemistry

Now we come back to our original question Organic Agriculture is the opposite of Inorganic Agriculture. No insecticides are used in organic agriculture. In this, cow dung, urine, compost, organic manure, vermi manure and green manure are used.

All these do not have any bad effect on nature, so organic agriculture is quite eco friendly. It also improves the quality of the produce. This type of organic food is very beneficial for our health.

Today the whole world is promoting organic agriculture. People are again leaving inorganic agriculture and adopting agriculture. And the present generation is saving its future from the ill effects of chemical fertilizers.

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how does organic agriculture benefit the environment

how does organic agriculture benefit the environment

Now the question must be coming in your mind that why the whole world is shifting towards inorganic.

Let us try to understand this question in the context of India. After independence, Indian agriculture was not in a very good situation, India’s grain storage had decreased. In the 60s, the condition of India was such that grains were imported from some foreign countries.

Due to non-cultivation of traditional farming methods, high yields were not being obtained. To avoid this acute crisis, Green Revolution was brought in India.

With the advent of the Green Revolution, Indian agriculture was transformed. Now new machinery, labor resources were being used in farming, along with this, many types of artificial fertilizers were also used for higher yields in the fields.

The Green Revolution had a huge impact on Indian agriculture, doubling the production of wheat and the production of rice. And India got out of the grain problem very soon. And thanks to the Green Revolution, India became self-sufficient in the matter of food grains. But it is said that whatever is a boon for us, the same thing also becomes a curse.

why organic agriculture is better than inorganic agriculture

why organic agriculture is better than inorganic agriculture

Something similar happened that after the Green Revolution, due to the wild use of chemical fertilizers, the earth started becoming toxic. Due to lack of irrigation, the ground water level has gone down considerably in many places.

These are the stalks of organic agriculture plants, farmers started using them in the form of four, which also had a greater effect on the health of the animals.

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The beneficial animals, such as earthworms, also started disappearing due to insecticide spraying. This affected our ecosystem to a great extent. Due to all this, emphasis started on organic agriculture.

And today the situation is that the whole world is shifting towards organic agriculture.

economic benefits of organic agriculture

We know what are the benefits of organic agriculture

1- First of all, the biggest aspect of organic food is that organic food does not contain any harmful chemical elements. Which are very beneficial for human health.

2- Second, organic agriculture benefits the farmers a lot at the economic level. Which are very beneficial. Organic food is sold at double the price, and its demand remains in the market. And wheat 40 to ₹ 45 kg of mustard organic oil is sold for around ₹ 200, which is generally different from us.

3- Third, the use of organic manure increases the composting power of the soil. Due to which the yield increases.

4- Third, the use of organic manure increases the composting power of the soil. Due to which the yield increases.

5-Fifth is that compost manure vermi manure is used for compost in this. And the waste is used in compost manure. Due to which the diseases caused are reduced. The use of chemical fertilizers of chahi is nominal, the cost is reduced. Due to which there is less burden on the farmers’ field.

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organic agriculture history

So after all this, we now know a little bit of the history of organic agriculture. All the traditional methods of farming were all organic. Because the people of earlier times did not have any other way of farming. That is why the history of organic agriculture is in a way the history of agriculture itself.

Just for a brief interval in between, the era of inorganic agriculture had arrived. Once again governments around the world are promoting organic agriculture. And many NGOs are also working in this field. And he trains farmers, and awareness is being raised among farmers about organic agriculture.

Today there are success stories of many farmers on YouTube also who are earning lakhs from organic agriculture. And remain a source of inspiration for the rest of the farmers.

the world of organic agriculture statistics and emerging trends 2022

Now we know that in which country, what is the status of organic agriculture, although today there is a positive wave of organic agriculture in the whole world, but still many countries are ahead in this race, so many countries are still in the race. are also far behind.

According to a 2018 report by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Australia, Argentina, China and the United States have the most organic England.

To support organic agriculture in India too, the Government of India has launched Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana, whose objective is to involve farmers.

In order to accelerate the domestic product and certification of organic products, along with this, a lot of emphasis is being given on organic agriculture in the great countries of Asia, Europe, Africa etc.

Friends, now you must have understood what is organic agriculture. And what are the benefits of organic agriculture. What is its history. And what is the reaction of it all over the world.

After knowing all this, it is expected that you must have got all the information related to organic agriculture and also liked it.

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