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Small investment business

Friends today we will tell you in this article small investment business ideas earn money in agriculture sector, Since primary school, we have been studying geography, that India is an agricultural country, countries like China USA, Brazil, France, Mexico along with India’s top 10 agricultural countries are added. And along with organic farming, gradually the demand has started increasing, and things grown here are also being exported.

small investment business Ideas

In 2020, the Indian agriculture market was 55994 billion rupees, which will be 111916 billion rupees by 2026, if you want to establish your business in the agriculture sector, then it is not that you will have to do farming. can try luck.

So let us know which are 10 such small investment business ideas to make money in Agriculture Sector business models, which are growing very fast, and in which doing business can keep you in profit.

1- how to start a mushroom farm

First of all let’s talk about small investment business, mushroom plant. When you go to a restaurant, some veg food has to be ordered. So first of all the better tells you either cheese or any item of mushroom. If you find out the nutritional value of mushrooms on Google, then you will know that more protein than mutton is found in mushrooms.

how to start a mushroom farm

Mushroom cultivation is a growing trend in India, which is increasing at the rate of 4.3% every year since 2010, the demand for button mushroom is the highest in India, so 73% of the total mushroom production in India is button mushroom grown. goes.

when does mushroom season start

Neither do you have to plow for mushroom cultivation. And not a lot of land is needed either. You can start mushroom farming even in a small 10×10 room. The best thing about mushroom cultivation is that it can be grown for about 8 months of the year. The best season in India is from March to October, but its cultivation is done indoors i.e. in a closed room. So if its growing temperature can be controlled, then its cultivation is possible almost throughout the year.

government mushroom training center

If you do not have much knowledge about mushroom cultivation, then you can easily take its training. Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttarakhand and all the states of North East are at the fore in growing mushroom. But now its cultivation is increasing in other states also. You can learn all the nuances of mushroom farming by spending just 10 to ₹ 20000. You can find out at your nearest Agricultural University.

Apart from this, if you know any such farmer. Those who are successfully moving forward in this profession. So even from them complete information can be obtained with practical knowledge. If no leads are being found. So by searching mushroom farming on YouTube, you will find many such videos. From there you will get complete knowledge.

2- chicken factory farming

After small investment business mushroom farming, let’s talk about chicken factory farming.

chicken factory farming

Eating eggs is always considered good for health. Be it a doctor or a gym trainer, it is definitely said to eat eggs. In 2014 itself, the Indian poultry industry which includes broiler meat and eggs. It will reach Rs 4340 billion by 2024.

You can also think of doing chicken factory farming business. Because India is on the third rank in the production globally. And chicken meat is at number five in production. If we talk about poultry farming in India, then on a small scale it can be started from 50000 to 1.5 lakh rupees. Work can start from ₹ 30 to ₹ 40000 for medium scale forming and ₹ 80000 for large scale.

how much land required for poultry farming

First of all, you have to see the land not at once. Where you will do your chicken factory farming. That will depend on your location. After that, the facility will have to be kept from keeping the chickens till they climb in the open. Manpower will also be needed to take care of their security, clean, give water and protect the eggs. And which species of poultry chickens is good.

how to protect yourself after handling live poultry

It is better for egg and wheat production. You will have to suck the species of good chickens. After that you will also have to put the name of your business. And it will also have to be registered with the nearest Animal Husbandry Department. If you do not have much budget, then you may also need money. For this, if you have found a partner then it is fine, otherwise you can also apply for a business loan. And with all these things you also have to market your form. And wholesalers and retailer buyers will also have to be found for the product.

chicken factory farming

Along with all these things, keep improving your knowledge as well, what are the diseases caused by it in chickens, what is their solution. How to grow business. Along with raising poultry, which other business can be done in the same form. You can visit for any other work. And it would also be good to learn from their way of working.

And always be in contact with any successful chicken factory farming. Others say that a person always learns the most from his experience.

3- fertilizer distribution companies

small investment business With this, now let’s talk further, about fertilizer distribution companies.

Be it a professional farming, gardening, or rooftop planting. For good growth of plants and crops, fertilizers, fertilizers and agricultural equipment are required.

3- fertilizer distribution companies

So in such a situation, fertilizer distribution companies can be a good option for you. If you are in such an area, where agriculture is very much. Or people do gardening on a large scale. So there can be good opportunities to grow in this business.

You can also become a retailer and wholesaler in this business. Just remember that the fertilizer distribution companies will never go down. Because they will continue to be used to increase the production of grain for the growing population. If you talk about organic farming, then you can also sell naturally made manure. But for this a license will be required. Which you can take from the state government of your state.

Even after opening your shop fertilizer distribution companies, you will have to do research. What type of compost fertilizer is in demand in the market. And for what kind of farming, which compost or fertilizers are used. Because those who are not aware of this, they will take advice from you, so you can also hire an experience staff.

4- how to start beekeeping

Now comes Beekeeping is the next small investment business idea in the agriculture sector. Beekeeping means beekeeping Honey or honey. There is one thing that everyone likes.

how to start beekeeping

Whether it is eaten with bread in the morning, or mixed with milk, due to its nutritional value, it is eaten as a food. Apart from this, due to its medicinal properties, it is also used in Ayurveda and medical sector.

So if you keep bees, you will be in profit.

how much land is required for beekeeping

You will not need a lot of land to raise bees. You can raise them on your terrace on a small piece of land, or in the living room. You can either make their box to keep the bees. Can also bring for purchase.

what season start beekeeping

For beekeeping, you should choose a season when it is the season of blossoming of flowers and fruits. Because then the bees would not need to find the pollen. And you will also get good production. For any other agricultural work you have to bring good seeds. In the same way, you will also have to bring bees of good species. And they have to establish a nucleus colony. Inspection of the box will also have to be brought once every 7 to 10 days.

beekeeping profit margin

Don’t expect that from the very first year you will get very good production. Even after learning this work in the first year, you will move forward, so there is so much confidence that from the second year you can earn profit. It must be kept in mind that wherever you will do its farming, there should be a lot of flowers, vegetables or fruit plants around. For this, you can also plant your own plants around the box. Due to which you will also get to eat different types of fruits.

Before starting this work, if you take its training, then you can go a long way.

5- how to grow hydroponics weed

And now let’s talk about the next small investment business idea i.e. hydroponics. Most of the people who think that farming is done only on the land. But nowadays the trend of farming on water is increasing, it is called hydroponic technique.

how to grow hydroponics weed

Therefore, mostly leafy vegetables are grown by supplying fresh water. If you open a store of things used in this technique, then it can become a good business model.

Now the question is also that, whatever food you grow, from where will they get nutrition instead of soil, the answer is water, yes, for this the necessary nutrition is supplied in water itself.

As people put food compost in the soil, in the coming days the trend of farming with this technique will increase even more, because the land is becoming expensive, and in metro cities the land is worth crores. So by thinking about the future, you can get into this business.

6- what is vermi compost

Now let’s talk about the next small investment business idea. Which is Vermi Compost Organic Fertilizer. The fallen leaves, dung, and vegetable peels in the premises of the house, when you dig the ground and bury them, eat earthworms and turn them into compost food.

what is vermi compost

This is also the business model, due to the increasing demand for organic farming, the demand for edible vermicompost organic fertilizer made from earthworms is huge.

After the earthworms eat them, the waste that comes out of their body turns into manure, if there is a lot of cow dung and tree leaves around you, then you can easily earn money in it.

7- how to start fish farming

So after going about Vermi Compost Fertilizer, let’s talk about small investment business idea Bio Flock Fish Farming.

 how to start fish farming

If you know a little bit about the agriculture industry, then you must have heard about swimming on bio-floc, instead of raising fish in the pond, fish are raised on large water tanks of round shape.

Fish farming tank
Credit for imege facilityindia

It is a little less expensive than keeping fish in the pond, and it also gives more production, the cost of a side with a diameter of 4 meters comes to about 30 to ₹ 50000, on which about 1000 to 2000 kg of fish can be produced in a year. could.

You can keep a fish tank according to your capital, in this technique 24 hours electricity is required to raise fish. Because in this technique the bacteria that grow inside the water, it needs air for 24 hours.

So basically you will need an inverter, as well as different fish live in different temperature. So that kind of environment has to be created for them also. From feeding the fish to taking care of them, and excluding the rest of the tank if there are 5000 to 6000 fishes on the example. So you can earn 10 to ₹ 25000 in 4 months.

But before starting the work, you have to get complete information about it. You will definitely take training, so that you can increase your income. And you will know how to convert your capital into profit.

8- how to open a flower shop business

So now let’s go ahead with this next small investment business idea and let’s talk about flower shop, because the flowering season is evergreen.

how to open a flower shop business.jpg

From wedding, anniversary, birthday, party, function, to worship and festival, there is a huge demand for flowers. So in such a situation, if you open a flower shop, then you can earn good profit. With this you can start even with small investment.

If you look closely at a bouquet of flowers, about eight, ten, different flowers and decorative leaves are placed in it, in any big city, it is considered a good nature to wish someone by giving flowers. And this trend is increasing even in small towns, anyway, flowers are being sold online these days. So you will not need to search for customers. Also, keeping gift items in the flower shop will also boost your business.

9- Broome Production business

Now let’s talk about the next small investment business idea which is Broome Production.

Broome Production. Business

Everyone loves cleanliness. A person sweeps the house at least twice. You can earn money by getting into the work of making brooms. It will neither require much investment, nor will much space. By keeping one or two artisans on salary, you can make them broom.

And can supply finished goods to any wholesale retailer. The raw materials that come to make broom are abundant in the hill states from Uttarakhand, West Bengal. Normal broom is sold for ₹ 50 to ₹ 60, so taking profit from it is not a big deal.

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10- how to open dairy outlet

And now let’s talk about the next small investment business idea which is a dairy outlet.

how to open sudha dairy outlet

Yes, the demand for dairy products will never end. If you open an outlet for dairy products like milk cheese cheese curd, then you do not need to find a customer for this. There are many such national and local branches in the market like Amul Mother Dairy whose dealership can be started.

You can choose any of these in the best ideas small investment business agriculture sector. And definitely do this research. How did you like this information by writing in the comment box, thank you.

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